Hails Family Farm – Home Delivery

***Hails Family Farm is offering a ½ bushel box of seasonally grown organic produce from our farm to your door!

We are certified organic through Baystate Organic Certifiers. We will also have produce offerings from a small group of Amish farmers in the Millville, PA area. You will receive an email weekly to let you know what we have available in produce. There will also be other items you may order such as eggs, chicken, pork, and beef along with your produce.

We do provide produce early in the season that we can not get locally, such as Carolina peaches and Eastern shore melons.

We will need to receive your order by 9 p.m. every Wednesday by email for delivery on Saturday morning, directly to your door!

  • The first box of produce is $20.00 plus $5.00 for delivery.
  • Additional items will be added to your order as you wish.
  • Your first order must be prepaid ($25.00).

***Your order does not need to be only produce.***

Payment may be mailed to:

Hails Family Farm, 47 Mattichak Road, Lopez, PA 18628.