Welcome to Hails Family Farms in Lopez, PA, a small farm run with love from Paul and Joyce Hails, a dedicated husband-wife team with years of experience in nurturing land, raising animals, and growing produce.

The farmโ€™s purpose is to strengthen the food network of Sullivan County by growing, buying, and selling fresh food, which currently supplies a farmstand, two stores, and various hotels and eateries.

Come and relax in the beautiful scenery of Lopez while enjoying great foods and supporting local businesses.

Hails Family Farms LLC
Hails Family Farms LLC4 days ago
We will have our meats for sale at the Laporte stand Friday from 9 till 11. Please note time change due to the excessive heat that's coming. Great weekend to grill and we have steaks, chops, sausage, and more!๐Ÿฅฉ๐Ÿฅฉ Local sweet corn next weekend!!!๐ŸŒฝ๐ŸŒฝ
Hails Family Farms LLC
Hails Family Farms LLC2 weeks ago
Meet your farmer at the Laporte stand on Fridays from 10 til noon! We will have our own chicken, beef, and pork which we raise right here on our Lopez farm. Just a little intro...we are full-time residents of Lopez for almost 9 years where we grow organic produce and raise our own meat. Pre-Lopez, we were organic dairy farmers in Bradford County (Wyalusing) where we milked cows and goats and went to Philly farmers markets for many years with our many products. Our 4 kids were an integral part of our business and we couldn't have done it without them! Lopez is known as the "icebox of Pennsylvania" and we knew nothing of that when we moved here 9 years ago. In fact we were told that we wouldn't grow anything in Lopez! We put up a greenhouse and high tunnels and there you go! Our farm is certified organic through Baystate Organic Certifiers. We also partner with a few local Amish farmers who grow crops for us like watermelon, sweet corn, and other fruits. Much of the produce we offer is certified organic and we're happy about that! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿฅ’๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ‰๐ŸŒฝWe have a self-serve stand in Laporte across from the post office in the cute white cottage. We offer our own non-GMO eggs, cheeses, delicious baked goods, and, of course, produce. Our stand at our Lopez farm is also self-serve. So come out and meet your farmer on Fridays in Laporte where you can get quality meats and meet the folks who grow your food!
Hails Family Farms LLC
Hails Family Farms LLC3 weeks ago
Our own fresh chicken, pasture raised non-gmo at Laporte stand today 10 til noon and beef and pork. ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿท๐Ÿฎand lots of organic veggies ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ…๐Ÿฅ’๐Ÿฅ”
Hails Family Farms LLC
Hails Family Farms LLC2 months ago
Our Laporte stand is open! We are located directly across the street from the Laporte post office. Fresh certified organic washed and dried spinach, local asparagus, cheese, eggs, butter, cookies, sticky buns, and pies!