Welcome to Hails Family Farms in Lopez, PA, a small farm run with love from Paul and Joyce Hails, a dedicated husband-wife team with years of experience in nurturing land, raising animals, and growing produce.

The farm’s purpose is to strengthen the food network of Sullivan County by growing, buying, and selling fresh food, which currently supplies a farmstand, two stores, and various hotels and eateries.

Come and relax in the beautiful scenery of Lopez while enjoying great foods and supporting local businesses.

Hails Family Farms LLC
Hails Family Farms LLC2 weeks ago
Spinach season, I think this is some of the nicest spinach I've ever grown. If you would like any let us know, did you know spinach freeze's well. We never buy spinach, all year long we open a bag of ours. Large bag's 1.5lb, 2gallon size for 6.00/bag. Let us know, before you come, we are not stocking stands yet until are friends start coming back for the season. Thanks
Hails Family Farms LLC
Hails Family Farms LLC3 weeks ago
Well, at the end of the day, it's just twisted metal. No other structures damaged and nobody hurt. Thankful for that! We thought the cat tunnels (caterpillar) were protected by the greenhouse and high tunnel to the left, but the crazy wind just whipped around them and took out the cat tunnel with the plastic...yessssss, the one side was up, and the wind just took it. Five 96' rows of salad planted and not damaged. And, of course, Farmer Paul is rebuilding and reinforcing the structure.
Hails Family Farms LLC
Hails Family Farms LLC1 month ago
Finally spring! Mama Gabby and her heifer calf Mara (short for Marathon). She's just too cute!🐮 50/50 hereford/dexter
Hails Family Farms LLC
Hails Family Farms LLC5 months ago
WINTER SPECIAL! Our own grassfed ground beef, 4.50/lb., 10 lb. minimum. Please call 570-721-1145 or message us for your order. We will have it ready for pick-up at your convenience.