Welcome to Hails Family Farm

Welcome to Hails Family Farm in Lopez, Pennsylvania.  Our farm is entering a new season of life.  We still have a strong emphasis on dairy, but we are expanding in many other areas of sustainable farming production.

We are in the process of building a hydroponic gardening system

Our Farmstand

Visit the Hails Family Farm farmstand

We are located at 47 Mattichak Road, Lopez, PA.

The farmstand hours are  9 a.m. – 6 p.m.  seven days a week.

Please call 570-721-1145 for more information.

Landscape Services

Hails Family Farms LLC provides complete consultation for all of your lawn and landscape needs, in addition to a landscape maintenance service that pays attention to every detail. We offer complete packaging that is individualized to your best interests, and

Certified organic vs. Natural/local

These two words have been used and abused in the last ten years.

Even as an organic farmer, it is my opinion that not everything organic is the best. For example, many organic dairies in the Northeast do a great job with their cows on pasture, limiting grain intake, etc.