greenhouse 007Welcome to Hails Family Farm located in Lopez, Pennsylvania. 

Our farm is entering a new season of life.  We still have a strong emphasis on dairy, but we are expanding in many other areas of sustainable farming production.

We are in the process of building a hydroponic gardening system inside our new greenhouse.   The hydroponic produce will complement root crops that are grown outside in mainly raised beds.  This will benefit our customers in having fresh organic produce all year long instead of just six months of the year.

Welcome to Hails Family Farm in Lopez, PA. Our farm is entering a new season of life as we expand into other areas of sustainable farming production. We are in the process of building hydroponic systems in both our greenhouse and high tunnel with the goal of extending the growing season here in Lopez.

One of our specialty items is growing several varieties of greens, both hydroponically and with traditional soil methods. We are striving to offer fresh greens as year-round as possible. Lopez is known as the “ice box” of Pennsylvania so this is definitely a challenge!

New crops for us this year have been strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. We look forward to increasing our fruit production and offering more fruit varieties. We partner with local farmers so we can offer fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupe.

Our growing practices are organic but we are not certified organic. If there is a need, we also use IPM, integrated pest management, which utilizes bugs such as ladybugs to help with garden pests.

  • We will continue to offer pastured chicken at a reasonable price which is raised by a local farmer. The chicken will be offered approximately three times between the spring and fall. This is delicious chicken so get your order in early!
  • We will continue offer fresh brown eggs from pastured chickens.
  • Our own home grown pork will also be available. Our meat processor is amazing and you will be saying that this is the best pork you’ve ever had!
  • The smoked meats and bacon have no nitrates and it is simply delicious! Halves and whole hogs will be available but we need to have your order in by March 1.
  • Pork bundles will also be available if you do not wish to have a half or whole.

We look forward to serving you in 2015! We have enjoyed getting to know many of you this past summer at our farmstand and will strive to continue to offer fresh quality produce. Check out our CSA page where you can learn how to purchase a subscription for a basket of fresh produce each week during the growing season along with a variety of other products we offer.